I want to praise the Cancer Council of QLD as I had help from the counselling service. Prior to that when I rang to enquire about it I was on the phone for over an hour and a half. It was good to be able to get it all out -fears, questions ,doubts etc.talking at length to an understanding person and having my feelings validated. Friends and family try to help and many did, but sometimes their comments show that they really do not understand. Anyway that was last year and I have moved on .I know that the Cancer Council is there .I discovered this site last night and now I want to praise the NSW Cancer Council as well. Where would we be without them?
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I agree entirely and if you kept moving south you'd praise CCV as well, as I do every time I log on here. I find that when I discover something that works for me I let it influence me in a subtle way. I do not want to talk about it, I want to feel it influencing me. The period in time before that happens is usually full of talk, angst, mouthing off and questions. But when I find something that covers all of that like a warm blanket I notice I stop venting and really enjoy the experience of having something working for me. This site is like that for me. I keep coming back looking for engagement like this. It's healthy. H
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I agree with Harker I would be lost in so many ways of it wasn't for the Cancer Council Vic. The help from the people in their has been fantastic over a long time now. Then they went and worked with the Cancer Council NSW to establish this site - how fantastic is that. But you also mention Cancer Council Qld - throw in SA, WA and Tas. Right across the country they are a fantastic group of people providing phenomenal support for all of us affected by cancer and each doing it in common and unique ways. Cheers Sailor The pieces of a ship taken by themselves will sink. But when combined together, will take you anywhere you want to go." Anon
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Hi Silly, I would like to join in the praise for the Cancer Council. The Cancer Council and in particular this website guides many through the maze of cancer. Personally, it has been both a great relief and a comfort to find a safe place to discuss cancer and treatment. Sailor your quote was perfection. Reindeer
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They have done a fantastic job and they continue doing so. Thumbs up! I have started my research from here. There is lots of info on this web site that can help people who know nothing about cancer. It certainly helped us. Being a picky person when it comes to getting registered online and participating in an online forum, I have researched tens of other forums but joined only this one.
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