Im finding it very hard to controlling my emotions around my mums cancer, I lost it in class last week during a class exercise? Does anyone else feel like this?
hey there yes its very hard.. i inboxed you.. my emotions come out really randomly 😞 you just gotta ride through them unfortunatly but i can tell u yesterday i thought i would die and today i feel much better... so you just gotta go through it.. hang in there xo
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I know it is very difficult....I try really hard to keep it together around the kids so then it is usually when I am out that I loose the plot..really embarrassing, especially if its around men, I find they don't know how to react real well and must think I am a real loony. And can relate to Maddie, sometimes the anxiety is so bad I feel I am going to die...then it settles but I love going to bed for that blissful sleep of nothingness, shame its all there when I wake up. Take care xx
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I can say it's normal and happens to everyone. I found myself crying on the train to work when my partner was around and unwell. Now that he's gone, I occassionally cry when talking to someone about him or when listening to his favourite songs.
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