I'm a Kidney Cancer survivor, I have 2 girlfriends who are Breast Cancer survivors, I lost a friend to non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma 4 yrs ago, another friend to Bowel Cancer 3 months ago, another close friend has both Prostate and Pancreatic Cancer (has been given about 18mths) and now my sister has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (luckily stage 1)... what's going on??
Hi yvieb, im sorry to hear that you have lost loved ones through cancer. its a disease which i pray we can prevent/cure in yrs to come. do you think its a combination of altered dna from posions, house cleaner agents, etc ( my dad was a chippy and had 3 tumors and blood cancer which took his life at 52) and our way of life with processed food? Would like to hear yr thoughts! Jules_68
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Hi Jules, I do think there could be something in that as often there is no 'known cause' and certainly no rhyme or reason. With my friends I don't know the ins and outs of their lives and habits but in the case of me and my sister; I have never smoked, never taken recreational drugs, had minimal exposure to prescribed drugs and very rarely drink alcohol (although I did in my younger years but was a bit of a light weight!) and I eat a pretty healthy diet. My sister has smoked since age 16 (and is still doing so despite her diagnosis and treatment), has tried almost every recreational drug (and one became a habit for a number of years), binge drinks and eats like a sparrow (and not a healthy one). We are like two polar opposites but both have been struck by Cancers with 'no known cause'.... go figure! I have friends that have started selling Neways products and also give talks in their local area on having a 'Toxin Free Home'... I haven't explored this yet, but maybe I should.....
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