It is very dark, very rainy and I just can't sleep. Yesterday Centrelink cut Bob's pension off as I earn too much per fortnight. Sorry for having an education and a job! Can I just say it is not the money I am worried about- although $80 a fortnight was petrol in the car.....We have also lost his pension card, and as he is on quite a substantial amount of medication- this is enough to push us over the edge financially. I know that his health is the most important thing in the world, but we need a place to live and m y kids need an education, and perhaps we may need to eat now and then..... What do I do now? Bob has been in bed unconscious (trying to dull the pain) pretty much for the last three days so he doesn't even know yet. We are seeing a doctor about starting radiotheraphy for him on Friday (if he is out of bed), so bloody centrelink could not have done this at a worse time. Man- it just makes me want to scream.......and run away. So I am trawling through the centrelink website, trying to make sense of 'transitional rules' and 'allocated' and pf with dependants...... Aaaargh! Just when you think there is nothing else that will rattle you, surprise you, stress you out, freak you out or make you cry....all I was doing was the 'right thing' and updating my income details, like the letter asked me to. And now I feel that I have put the stability and routine and safety of my family on the line...... So I have to go to work today to teach other people's kids, when all I feel like doing is taking mine and running away. I am really angry that because I have worked hard in my profession, and I am only a classroom teacher (nothing fancy), my family is being punished- and I feel that cancer has already punished us enough!
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