Scheduled for surgery in March 2009. Being a tough as old boots I just get partner to drop me off and come see me the following evening. But fate intervened, and he appeared in my post surgery haze telling me that the surgery had to be stopped as the cancer was more widespread than appeared, and pathologist bought in to view results thought breast cancer cells were making an appearance. Great! Original specialist drops in to say 'this isnt what we wanted to hear' and charges me for the appointment! So 3 days in hospital, recovering from the two incisions they did do, and undertaking lots more tests we establish it is lung cancer only, but now stage 4. Not the sort of promotion I wanted. And so onto the treadmill I step. Course of chemo set up, which had to be worked around my social commitments, including camping for 5 days at the National Folk Festival in Canberra. New oncologist at Epworth extremely good, and flexible! Normal 4 rounds of chemo. When I asked why 4 dr said that between 3 and 6 is recommended, and 4 is a nice round number! Don't you love science! I cope with chemo Gemzar and carboplatin fairly well. Normally sorts of problems people have with bloods, but no hair loss, and minimal nausea. Some fatigue. We get to the end of the 4 cycles (8 treatments) and do CT. Once again I hear that we don't have the results we wanted. Minimal if any shrinkage. So what next.......
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