Today we attended our scheduled appointment with the oncologist in Ballarat to commence our Chemo program for the next 6 months. Oncologist was not happy with Nigel's progress after Radiation/Chemo as he is still very weak and very breathless. Doctor sent him for a doppell scan on calf and CT on chest. Diagnosed with blood clots on right leg lower and upper. Both lungs also show a blood clot on each. Now he is in hospital for two days, we now have to learn to give him injections to assist with dissolving the clots. Has anyone else experienced blood clots? Nigel is in a very bad space even before attending this appointment and then to be admitted to hospital has really thrown him. Xmas was good but then went on to tell me and our daughter that this would have been his last and that 2013 will be his last on earth. What do others do in this type of scenario - as he has had two surgeries and we have gone from 18 mths expected life to 8 mths as advised by the surgeon. His last operation they only resected 85% of the tumour. He is usually a fighter as I am and has been very strong until xmas. I so hate this evil beast as this is not the husband I know........
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