This is my first time. I'm hoping that someone out there who has been through a similar experience can help. My husband, 67, was diagnosed with metatstatic lung cancer on June 1st. Very fast growing cancer. He had 6 rounds of chemo - the one where he had to stay in hospital for 5 days every 3 weeks. That reduced the cancer, but made him very sick and weak. In the second half of the treatment it seemed to be causing a lot of confusion, almost dementia-like sypmtoms. The cancer came back again within 6 weeks of stopping. He decided to try the second lot of chemo, which has only a 20% chance of success, and has had 1 treatment. [Due for the next in 2 days, if they'll let him have it]. The treatment seems to have reduced the lumps, and the pain [it is in some of his vertebrae and shoulder] and he is able to walk around now without a walker. The confusion has become a lot worse, but he now gets very aggressive and violent. He had agreed to go to the Palliative Care unit for a couple of days of respite but when he got there he became very aggressive towards the staff and even threatened the doctor. He walked out and wandered off twice. In the end I had to bring him back here. We live in a small country town with zero support, especially after hours and on public holidays, so I'm really on my own. They put him on meds for schizophrenia and fits - supposed to calm him down, but not really working. He's up and wandering every few minutes. I think they were happy to see the back of him. They said they couldn't keep him there against his will. They've done a brain CT and say there's no obvious tumour. It could still be small cancers that don't show up. Or it could be the medications he's on - or maybe he would have been getting dementia if he hadn't got cancer first. I can't get any answers. If it gets too bad I have no option but to call 000. Sad state of affairs. Anyone out there with a similar experience able to offer advice?
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