I AM SO OVER FATIGUE!!!! I just wish that he could get out of bed for more than an hour! We have an appointment with the GP tomorrow to get blood work done- I'm starting to wonder if the rad has done damage to his pitutuary gland? Really, I have no idea, but I am researching and researching and studing and learning as much as I can because to be honest the doctors are bloody useless sometimes! They are happy to not monitor him, to just let him carrying on sleeping 24/7 without a question. Ben mentioned to his specialist that he had been feeling really tired lately and his specialist said "yeah. I have days like that too" UMMMMMMM excuse me???? Do you have a big farken brain tumor do you? Gosh some people just annoy me with the trivalisation of his illness. I am going to call Charlie Teo's office tomorrow, see how long the wait is to get an appointment. Then, I think we'll make the flight from perth to sydney to explore those next options I get so lonely without him around, without him talking to me- he used to talk my ear off- now I barely get 5 sentences out of him.
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