Just about finished my new 1st chemo treatment then my break for 12 days before the next lot of 48hr nausea inducing chemical. Apart from the nausea it's not too hard to handle though it didn't help too much last night when after making sure I had taken all my medication with my very small meal then taking my morphine dose for the night I promptly emptied my whole stomach. Not a good thing to do cause I need my food to keep my weight on & the morphine helps keep the pain away. The other thing I have to remember not to do is take a senokot tablet just prior to chemo even if I haven't been able to use my bowels for days before, double whammy bowel inducers working whilst asleep in bed is not fun. My temporary port is removed this afternoon till next time. At least I only have to wear it for 2 days. Making plans for a flight to Qld with my partner after the next chemo dose to spend time with my little grandies while I am still able to. Going to be fun walking through the airport with a facial mask on as I am very susceptible to any bug for the first 5 days after chemo & we all know the one place to catch a bug of any description is at the airport or on a plane.
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