Today we had meeting with chemo doctors who have brightened my spirit just a little. They believe I can have the chemo orally so that I don't have to have a Picu line or portacath inserted as this would be too distressing for my girls to see me with for six weeks straight. Plus it also decreases my risk of infection along the way. The funny part of the meeting was when he was asking me about lifestyle he asked me whether I smoked or drank and to both I could reply "no", and he says really? And I replied well the last time I got drunk (which was 16years ago now) I met andrew and well I ended up with him last time so why would I do that again. To which he then laughed and laughed and said that's the funniest thing he has heard all day. Prior to that I thought he was a little scary but, was able to break the ice. Had ct scan again yesterday and now have three tattoos on my hips and tummy, so that they are able to properly MAP this horrible thing and zap the living daylights out of it. The doctors seem to think this a rare little mutant thing my body has developed, as there is no family history of it anywhere. Now I have watched X MEN and wonder why I don't have some kind of cool mutant thing , like storm or laser dude eyes, but instead I have this. But I guess that as long as it never affects my daughters I am happy to be the mutant. And so now we wait so they MAP it properly and start the long road to recovery. But I'm ready to kick its butt now. Luv to you all Emma
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