Yesterday a friend called me at 7.30 in the morning to ask if I wanted to go to the Balingup Medieval Festival. So off we ventured around 10ish in the morning and we went through the small town of Kirup. They happened to be holding a Relay for Life fundraising drive, complete with the obligatory sausage in a bun happening! We wandered into the small hall to look at some of the quilting exhibits and to see what else was happening. I bought some raffle tickets and entered into another money raffle, which I asked them to redonate should I win it. Had a bit of a discussion with one person about how great the facilities are that are provided by the Cancer Council here in West Aus and how much of a help it is to have these facilities. The quilts they had on display were simply amazing and they had women spinning their own wool outside. I offered to donate "Sid's" (our resident milk chugging lamb) wool when he gets big enough for a hair cut. Bought some cup cakes off the cake stall and generally had a nice browse though. So on we go to the Festival and have a lovely day and on the way home I received a phone call to say "you have won the raffle" oh yayyyy. I never win raffles and really took no notice of what was in it except I do remember seeing a packet of tim tams in there. So this morning I am off to go pick up the raffle. I guess I am writing this not just about the raffle. But so that people who are struggling at the moment can see that people far and wide are trying to help. It is heartening to see those that have been touched by cancer in some way are willing to go to great efforts to assist us and to those who will follow in our footsteps. Will update you when I get back home on what was in the raffle. Tim tams here I come!! Julie
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