Just a quick cheerio to all out there as we begin another day of life battling the dreaded "C" I suppose it's all too easy to become a little selfish and self-centered as we go through our highs and lows. I'd just like to extend my best wishes to everyone as we all struggle on. There are so many on this site who are most unwell physically and emotionally.....believe me I know all too well how this feels. So chins up people.....look at the awful 'bug' inside us with that steely determined eye and say "one day I am going to kick your arse you son of a bitch". All my love and best wishes to all involved in the battle....I am in your corner! Pete.S
keepontruckin- Thankyou for your good wishes. It was really nice to log on and see your cheerful message. I wish you all the best in your battle also - I would have used more colourful words to describe what we are fighting, but as my 6 year old niece says "we don't speak like that - we are ladies"!. I have to admit she got that saying from me as I am a 'Little Britain' fan. As for chins up - my Dad used to say that to me when I was a little chubby - He couldn't say that to me now - what chins, what fat - wish it would come back!!!
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Hey Pete You are right we do get self centred and selfish, just all part of the norm unfortunately. Good to step out of ourselves though 🙂 ... thanks. Julie xo
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Pete can I just say I love your moustache and hat? I think its awesome 🙂
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Good luck Pete & yes i think we all do get a bit self centred at times while we are fighting this dreaded disease but then again i think we are entitled to from time to time as long as we don't let it completely take over. I always remind myself that there is always someone out there much worse off than me. Keep up the poetry Pete.........it's good for the heart and the soul! 🙂
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