Ok - I've started this blog about six months into our current cancer journey, and Erik (my husband) is one week into a six week session of radiotherapy on a small chondrosarcoma located in his sacrum. He also has mets in his lymph nodes and both lungs (extensively). His prognosis according to the medical profession is terminal - incurable and inoperable, and the plan is to manage the symptoms as they arise and make things as comfortable for him as possible. Prior to starting the radio, he has had on and off pain in his hip which he thinks is from this tumour - the oncologist doesn't necessarily agree that the pain is from the tumour - however Erik has had this tumour in this location 4 times (including this current episode - and thinks he knows the pain better than the oncologist!) Anyway the pain has been worst when he lays down to sleep (flat on his back in bed) so he hasn't been sleeping very well - so I think we've started behind the eight ball so to speak with the radio in terms of being sleep deprived before it even started!!! Just finished the first week of radio and Erik is battling with tiredness already. Today however, the oncologist has prescribed doubling his lyrica meds to try and manage the pain better and thus get more sleep. Stay tuned to find out how the new meds regime works out. Hopefully better for Erik and then both our sleep routines will improve and we will cope better than I am currently anyway. Erik remains very upbeat and positive and doesn't winge or moan about the pain and is accepting what is. I can't believe he even has cancer sometimes. He lifts my spirits when I am down yet he is the one with cancer! A truly inspirational man.
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