18.02.2015 I have been on a healthy eating plan which has worked wonders. I have lost 3 kg so far this year. Using My Fitness Pal and my new Fitbit Charge (fitness tracker) has helped heaps. Just had an emotional drama this morning and used this as the excuse to give in to my cravings for Dominos pizza and chicken. Diet coke and salted caramel choc mousse will be enjoyed thoroughly; every single teaspoon. I haven't gone overboard only eating 2 slices pizza and one oven-baked wing with 2 baked spicy nuggets and about 10 gm oven-baked chips. Don't feel bloated or guilty in any way, shape or form. I've done extra walking today with extra work and so have earned extra kilojoules to eat. :) I just find that the CRF can get to me sometimes. I do lots of walking and go to the Exercise Clinic in Crows Nest, as well as being responsible for every job detail and aspect of looking after myself and my home. I bought the Fitbit because I thought it would help me lose my weight gained during treatments. It has helped heaps with monitoring my steps and kilometers walked. Who else gets tired some days?
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