Good afternoon to everyone. Sometimes we can overdo the appointments and arranging to "appease the disease". God knows how I made it through my breast cancer treatments. It's eight months since my last radiotherapy zap and I am having to cancel medical appointments. Accupuncture and appointment with the breast care nurse. Was re-prescribed the 12 morphine patches by my favorite chemo registrar, Tristan. This has made the pain-killing accupuncture redundant and not necessary. It was an easy choice not to go to see Dr Oh, rather to say "No!!". It was easy to not see the bcn too. Neither appointment seemed important this morning at 6am. This created a certain panic in a young carer of mine. She knows I am a stickler for arriving to my appointments, earlier than needed, so for me to not turn up was reason for her to send about 10 messages to the phone. I had switched the phone off, deciding to have a peaceful day of prayer and meditation. I needed to shut out the world and just have me to think about. I was just to darned tired to attend the appointments. I wanted/needed rest for the day. Easy day, relaxing and downloading some lovely meditations from Mark Davis of Inspired Hypnosis in UK. His meditations help my peripheral neuropathy and stress levels, giving me more self confidence and peace. I have no family support so am facing this aftermath of treatment alone. Friends all bailed. You probably know my story. Am online to maybe make friends with others sharing my story. Gods blessings to you all and will blog again soon.
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