I just want to clarify a couple of comments i have made lately. I am happy with the clinical treatment i have received since i have been diagnosed. Although there are gaps in provision of service i dont relate those to my clinical treatment. To me these things are simply things that can be improved upon to make life easier for those who are diagnosed with cancer and their carers/family and friends. Leading up to my diagnosis i had seen 6 gps and no one picked up on that i had cancer and in fact one actually told me it wasnt. yes i get angry at times when i think about what has happened to me and especially so when i find out i had 2 classic symptons. However, gps are only human and they have a lot of knowledge to get their heads around. So my anger pretty much dissipates whenver i think logically about the situation. Anyway, i just wanted some clarification as i said recent comments may have people somewhat confused as to where i sit with things. Not that it really matters i suppose. 🙂
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