Mum has just been diagonised with breast cancer, how do i be strong enough for this?
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Hi mel015 There are a huge lot of resources out there for people diagnosed with breast cancer and for those who care for them. Firstly the Cancer Helpline 13 11 20 - it is not just for the patients - it is for everyone. Give them a call and ask about resources. also ask if you and/or your Mum can talk to someone who has had a similar diagnosis and are through the treatment - that telephone peer support service is called Cancer Connect. Then the Breast Cancer Action Network has what is called the "My Journey Kit" get in touch with them and get a copy when you go to a hospital ask to see a breast cancer nurse. No other cancer has these people, but breast cancer does and they are there to help you and your Mum. There are also breast cancer support groups. What you are about to find out is that you will be strong enough for this. Hang in there, you will find support and the strength to manage all of this. Cheers Sailor As we sail thru life, don't avoid rough waters, sail on because calm waters won't make a skillful sailor. Anonymous
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