I like my counsellor and I feel encouraged that she thinks I'm going well. But I know that sometimes she has misses the point I am trying to make which makes me doubt her. Also, I think the more I get to know her the more I feel reluctant to bring up embarrassing or awkward things or things that will make me cry. Just because while things have been going well lately she has become a bit more like just a person who I chat to instead of a person who tries to say helpful things while I cry buckets of tears of terror. Example of missing the point: when I told her about surgery being postponed at the last minute she was very keen to write a letter of complaint to the hospital. I thought that was a pointless waste of everyone's time as it wasn't like the hospital had done it on purpose. So when I persuaded her that a letter wasn't necessary she concluded that I was fine about the postponement when in fact I would have liked to talk about it because I was still quite disconcerted by it. I don't know what point am I trying to make now. I guess I am wondering how long it is helpful to go to counselling for. And, is it best to keep going to the same counsellor forever, or change after a while? I suppose it is best to stick with the same one as she is learning more about me and it would silly to start fresh with someone else.
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