Not sleeping too well is tiring for me as I go to sleep at 4am. My son Stuart is going head on with his opinions. He says to me to let your breast go as it has gone and get on with it. He wants his old mother back he says the way I was before the cancer. My husband is quite empathic and tries to help where ever he can. But before the cancer I was swimming 3 - 4 times a week down at the pool for two hours at a time. This breast cancer has interupted everything for me as it is quite annoying to me. Between doing the domestic jobs and swimming I was having a ball. Going out quite a lot at the shops and having treats with my son. This is all before the cancer and the diagnoses. I love swimming and losing weight also. Having a spa as it is so nice to have a spa. I was doing 50 laps up the small pool inside in Sunbury. I was doing every thing but not working going anywhere and every where in melbourne with no hesitations. Life was great before the cancer hit me.
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