Hi there everyone! I had to share......last week I went to a film called Crazysexycancer. It is about a woman called Kris Carr who has the same type of rare cancer as my husband (epithelioid haemangioendothelioma) her tumours are in her lungs and liver (whereas my husbands is in his peritoneum). She is a film maker and it was a documentary about six years of her life.....and how she chose to do nothing but monitor her cancer with scans. She also asked a question which we did not......."what happens if we do nothing?"......... I think you can buy copies of the movie and Kris Carr has a well being website too. For me, it was a defining moment when she was researching the words epithelioid haemangioendothelioma in the movie and the entire audience gasped....as of there could not possibly be a word like that......and I know all too well that there is. And it is a horrible disease, but apparently one of the 'best' cancers to get as it is slow growing and can be benign. In my husband's case, the cure has certainly been worse than the disease,......with unexplained, chronic, overwhelming, uncontrollable pain the result of a peritonectomy in Dec 08. But he is still here. Many days he can't get out of bed, but he is still here..... I guess Crazysexycancer demonstrated for me that a lot of it is attitude, and unfortunately my husband has been gripped by the hands of despair and depression which compounds his problems and physical symptoms. I just wonder if the answer is not in a pill, or a concoction of poison, or a radio beam........do plants have the answer? And do Traditional Chinese medics have the answer? Acupuncture has certainly helped my husband from time to time....... But as his battle enters a fourth year, I find myself asking less and less of his doctors and more and more of people, naturopaths, Chinese medics, herbalists, the "new age" section of the library........ The answer has to be somewhere doesn't it? Every riddle has an answer, just as everything happens for a reason!! Ecclesiastes is my FAVOURITE BIble reading (not that I read it much but I used to be a Religion teacher)...... And there is a time for everything under the sun......a time to laugh and a time to weep, a time to build up and a time to tear down......maybe I need to tear down the reliance we have on traditional medicine and buildup the partaking of alternatives..... Another twist in the road that is this crazy (don't know about sexy) cancer ride. Will keep you posted as to how we go.............. Thanks for reading! PA
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