Just spending so much time at the hospital has shown me how many wonderful people are out there in the world of cancer.All the doctors,oncologists.radiotherapists,dieticians.nurses,receptionists and volunteers who always have a smile,time for a chat,tirelessly do their job with kindness and consideration to you the patient one of how ever many a day but no less important or special.Then there is the other patients who smile and chat,some about their own journey,some about the weather or those that just silently nod and let you know they know where your at.I have found this part of my journey very scary and dreaded having to visit the hospital everyday until I looked around me and opened my eyes and heart to my environment,so to all these people I say thankyou and appreciate how you have made and continue to make a difficult journey a little easier.
Hi there! Yes it is wonderfully supportive in the several oncology wards I have visited, and not just for the patient, but the families too.....my husband had to spend 9 hours last week having a blood transfusion in the day oncology dept and was showered with love, chat and lollies/ chocolate.....when I got there about an hour before we could leave, I was showered with the same......amazing people work in these places that is for sure. He was the last one left on a Friday evening, and I am sure the staff wanted to go home, but we're so cheerful and not fussed by our presence.......even after they were meant to have gone home....... Good luck on your journey! PA
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I also agree - I was having just this conversation today with my mother-in-law as we spent more time at our local cancer care centre. Everyone we have ever met in these places has been kind, caring and gentle and we are grateful for them all. While its not an environment anyone wants to be in its a blessing to have this sort of care when you need it.
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I also agree. I found the same back in 2010 when having 6 weeks of IMRT.
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