Well usual start to the day with upset stomach so 3 hours to settle that down. Zap went ok but I seem to have an urge to itch or wriggle slightly but I realize that the Prostate is only the size of a walnut so just have to lay still and just quietly count how long each zap takes at each of the seven angles Doctor said to go back to medicine to control the bowel, the other problem needs real drugs and it surprised me the price difference between chemists. So I think I will see what documents I have and go try my old friends at Centrelink in regards to a low income card. I was expecting a phone call from my friends at Centrelink as my Disability Case was reopened but alas there must be an increase in cases and so they are bogged down doing paperwork at their desks. Poor things overworked and underpaid. Yes I guess I am a little factious but I have been trying now for 2 years
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