I am hoping someone can clarify what palative care is. My partner, Daz and his family are against them due to things that happened to family members in the past. They think palliative care will lock Daz away and he will die within a week of them taking over. I don't agree, I have never heard of this sort of thing happening and when I said so I was knocked down with story's of them locking his auntie and uncle away. I always thought palative care was done by the hospital. Why are Daz and his family so against their help. Daz thinks if he gives in to palliative care he is done for, his words not mine. I just don't understand this as I have only had good experiences with them, when my dad and step dad died. He also thinks he has a mark against his name because he was fighting them when he has his seisure. He stil thinks they caused his behaviour by jabbing him with needles and hurting him even tho I have told him he was being difficult and wouldn't let them do what they needed to do and that's why he had to be jabbed with needles. He doesn't believe me and would rather listen to his Mum who wasn't even there at the time and believe it was the hospital staff that was the cause of it all. This is not true. I feel like I am in a soap opera or something.
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