Gastro-stop and now Ural, what next to start getting upset with the Radiotherapy. I have 28 more zaps to go and am hoping things will calm down soon. Managing to do some cooking a bit more than toasted sandwiches with a stir fry today to get some vegetables for once. New Neighbor says he is seriously considering Cyberknife for his Prostate Cancer.
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Hello , I am due for a PEG on Monday and then 35 zaps in the throat with added chemo ( nurses tell me looks like will start 30/3/15. ) I also mentioned to the oncologist that due to the waits I was considering taking matters into my hands with a soldiering iron from Bunnings. She gave me a wry look. DIY Cancer Treatment - might be an opening for new reality TV show. Maybe the title - Soldiering On. Anyway like they tell me - this will pass. Keep the posts coming - good luck.
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