Not a fun day today as appointments were running 30 minutes late and I was all ready and comfortable for the appointment. Bladder decided stuffit when someone else said he was 30 minutes later so after the 30 plus minutes refill to get comfortable again its off to another machine to get zapped and it was a little disconcerting but I guess all went well. Half dressed and bladder said stuffit again hmm I must get that problem under control. Still nothing from Centrelink been close to a week since the face to face interview re getting an allowance as being underemployed as Team Australia refers to my situation I am having to survive on the cashed up superfund so no new house for me sorry Smoking Joe as there will be no super left. A job would be nice to go to in June too Joe can you sort that out? get Eric to get off his chair to go sort one out if you are too busy with your budget.
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