Tuesday I went for a wisdom tooth extraction as a preventative measure. Unfortunately due to the combined stress of seeing a dentist and the unfamiliar surroundings and the C word , I had a major meltdown and the procedure was discontinued. Tooth is still in and I was sent to the psychologist who is going to teach me some breathing techniques. Plan B now seems to either be extraction under general anaesthetic or my own dentist who I am emailing the OPG. PEG is booked in for 23/3 and D Day ( treatment day ) could be any day now. I am attending the meditation session on Monday before psych appt. It is all happening and despite no appointments next week after Monday I have been told to be ready as treatment could start anytime and even before PEG. Certainly not boring.
Dear Paul I used to have major problem with going to dentist. Now I use deep very slow breathing combined with closing my eyes and recalling a very beautiful place in detail (CapeTribulation beach) and now I almost fall asleep at the dentist. Of course I still have local anasthetic, It can be done when you learn and practice the skill. Good luck with everything GHT
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Thanks for that , I am booked in for Tuesday now with my own dentist who assures me that under valium etc , the offending fang will be removed in approx. 3 minutes. One less problem and the psychologist is going to teach me some breathing techniques on Monday after meditation but the psychiatrist rang today and wants to see on Monday re medication. My only question there is would that medication help my chances of survival.
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