I'm not going to be writing a blog everyday just for further reference, however i'll probably create one where it's optional to read it or not. Today I woke up with a migrane and queasy. It feels like I can't get away from feeling bad. My friends are distant and I don't feel as if i can talk to anyone at the moment But you gotta keep your chin up - it'll all get better : ) x
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Laura believe me it's going to get worse before it even starts to look like it's getting better. I have inoperable pancreatic cancer & have been fighting it for a year now & when it starts to look good suddenly something goes wrong & I feel like I've taken a lot of backward steps. You just have to hang in there & fight with all you can give. I have a friend in Vic that I met through this site & he has a similiar problem with his spine as you but his isn't cancerous. I will have to tell KJ about you as you both have something in common. KJ & I are friends outside of this site now & have become close buddies. We both have the same cancer but he has been able to have a whipple whereas I can't. Again if you want to PM me please go ahead, it always seems to help more when you have someone you can talk to or vent & you will eventually find you will be doing a lot of venting. Maz
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