In the last few days I have been cooking up a storm - making quiche, chocolate pudding, roasted tomatoes with oregano. Cooking is something I always did and LOVE IT. I cannot believe how much I have missed doing cooking, how happy it makes me and how fabulously therapeutic cooking can be........ For me food is so much more than just food - it is a way to express yourself, to share love and to connect with those you love. One of my fav things is to cook with Dan and do we cook up a storm. So this week has been my off chemo wk and my appetite has been a lot better than the last few weeks and my energy levels have been better. And in saying that there is a big bowl of home-made chocolate fudge pudding with my name on it. So off I go for some chocolatey goodness :) “Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song.” Jason Zebehazy
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hear hear Rubes! Great meals with friends and family are the best. My darling cooked me the most awesome meals during my Chemo. There were only two that put me back in hospital - but we can laugh about that now! Good on you for celebrating life. :-D Cheers Eta
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I'm glad that you are having a good week ,not just an easier one but really enjoyable one .
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