Hi. It been awhile since my last blog because nothing was happening. Daz is starting a trial for a new drug called vemurafenib plus GDC-0973. He will be starting soon, his health checks and scans start on the 30th of august, then he will start the tablets. Not sure how I feel about this but he is happy to take them in the hope they will shrink the new cancers found on his right lung. They found 2 new nodes on his right lung and something in his lymph node in the center of his chest in a ct scan a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know there was a lymph node in the chest, anyway. I just hope this works. Its scary to hear he has more cancers only a few months after they removed the one in his left lung. Does anyone know anything about this new drug? He is on a health kick that I hope lasts as he is feeling so much better after only a couple of weeks. He is still smoking and I don't understand why he hasn't kept trying to quit but at least he has started exercising and eating well. He is eating plenty of detoxing foods like dark fruit, blueberries, ect.
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