I have always had scans every 6 weeks, for the last 4 years. There is something reassuring about such frequent scans - at least I know it's not sneaking up on me. The downside is the frequent scaniety. Because of knee and feet pain, this 6 weeks also included a bone scan. So last week I got the result of the bone scan and normal CT scan. CT scan continued to show stable, so I continued with my 10th dose of alimita. The bone scan indicated stress fractures in both feet, and either stress fractures or arthritis in both knees. So my days of power walking 35ks a week are currently on hold but I'm not complaining (well, I actually am a bit), but it's not cancer! Just returned from 5 days in Townsville (where unfortunately I could barely walk). In September husband and I are going to Adelaide for 3 days to check out the wineries. October is a busy month. Have 7 nights in Bali with my sister, then 4 days on the Gold Coast with my daughter and her eldest. Plus the Heathcote Food and Wine Festival. Plus my 30th wedding anniversary (totally unbelievable!) and my birthday. Living with fear, but trying not to live in fear. Gail
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