On the 14th August, we were told the worst news that we really did not expect. I had been feeling a few discomforts over the past fours months, with a few incidents ( which I thought was food poisoning), but really thought this was only going to simple haemorrhoids to be honest. Thankfully we have a fabulous doctor, who was obviously in shock as much as we were, as no family history exists of this anywhere, who plans to look after the best way possible. Since then, over the past week I have subjected to a number of tests, from CT's,MRI's and blood tests coming out the wahoo. My arms are full of bruises but I am doing ok. From here it looks like we have an intense year in front of us, the plan so far is as follows; Continue test for further two to three weeks Then commence both radiation and chemotherapy at the same time. The radiation will be daily mon through fri, and the chemo will be through Picu line (or technical cannula that is much longer than a normal cannula),the chemo will be continuous 24/7 through a mini pump in a little bum bag like device as it will permanently attached for the whole six weeks. During this time I will become increasingly tired and may or may not lose my hair etc. I have been planning Andrews 40th party over the last couple of months and plan to continue with this, as I may be three weeks into treatment and hopefully I will be coping well at this stage. After these six weeks then we wait an additional six weeks to let the radiation continue its thing. At this time I will be heading into the hospital to have a bowel resection, which will hopefully remove the whole tumor , I will be left to heal for further four weeks, before commencing an intense 24weeks of chemotherapy, with possible surgery at the end to fix any problems that may come up during this whole period. I plan to attack this situation by looking at it six week intervals and get each one done before thinking or worrying about the next one. while we didn't find this at an early stage the doctor' s are fairly confident that , due to my age and the fact that I generally live a healthy life that all will be ok in the end. ( Thank God for my diligent designated driver lifestyle, I knew there was a reason that I didn't drink or smoke). I am very lucky at this time that Andrew's work is incredibly supportive and have given him all his sick leave as carer's leave so he will be with me through out this first six weeks and after the surgery to help out at home, as all I plan doing is fighting this nasty disease and recovering completely. Also Andrew's father has taken the first five weeks off as annual leave so that he can help to look after Lacey during my treatment and appointments. The two older girls know about most of what's happening but we only just found today about plan so we will let them know in due course. Lacey just knows that the doctors are "fixing mummy's sore bum". I realized after losing my beloved brother-in-law a couple of years ago how important it is to have a blog so that others will know what's going on and know at what times your prayers will be most needed. I have four main reasons to survive this thing They are my beloved husband and my three adorable daughters whom I love beyond all measure. Please have them in your prayers too as they travel through this with me. Love to you all Emma. Thank you to everyone for your support
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