My husband was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma in September. He has now had five cycles of R-CHOP chemotherapy and we have just been told that after cycle six he will have another two cycles of a different  type of chemo before the planned BEAM chemo and autologous stem cell transplant.  We have also been told that with the type of lymphoma (double expressor diffuse B cell) that the survival rate will not change with the transplant.  As you can probably imagine, I am finding all of this very confusing and confronting, and am hoping that someone who has had the same condition might be able give me some insight as to what to expect (good and bad - please don't sugar coat it) and reasons why you chose the treatment you did.

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Hi Jacqueline8,

My husband also has DEL DLBCL. I don’t have as much experience with this as you do. My husband was diagnosed in November and has just finished his 3rd cycle of R-CHOP. So, I don’t know that I can share anything you don’t already know. But maybe it’s just nice to know there is someone else out there! He will get a scan soon, before his 4th cycle. I guess that will let us see how the treatment is working and if we need to alter the treatment plan. Although from what our doctors have told us, the approach is no different now that we know he is DEL. The DEL part is scary. The more I read about it, the more anxious I become. I’m curious to know more about the BEAM chemo and stem cell transplant. No one has mentioned that to us. Wishing you are your husband much hope!

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There is only one disease which is vitamin deficiency disease. Humans have been eating the wrong foods for 10,000 years since the beginning of the agricultural revolution. Grain, dairy and sugar will cause fine blood vessel blockages and inflammation. This is the cause of most disease. Grain causes leaky gut syndrome which allows gut bacteria to enter the blood stream. There is no such thing as 'cancer' or any disease other than vitamin deficency. The medical system is just a money making scam. The paleo diet will eliminate all disease. I get skin cancers all the time because a work in the sun. I put one drop of iodine on them and they are gone in 7 days. Iodine is the only chemical that can kill cancer. It is very cheap at $10.00 for a small bottle. The medical system wont tell you about iodine becaus ethey need to make money out of you.

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You day there’s no such thing as cancer, but then you say that you get skin cancers all the time. Please make up your mind. 



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