About 3 weeks ago, after getting a biopsy of a swallen lymph node, I was informed that I had a SCC in my throat. The initial guidence was that Radiation would be the most likely therapy. In the last week, we looked at all the options and have decided to go down the robotic surgical route (TORS). Booked in for this Thursday, and I will try to keep this blog regular, brief but informative. Let the games begin.....

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Hi @AndrewD1, I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing?


Hoping all is well!

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Well, its now been over 2 and a half years since I was diagnosed with a SCC on one of my tonsils and a secondary in some of the lymph nodes in my neck. Visited Lifehouse (RPA) for a regular check and all still good and "nothing to see here".


So how am I feeling now? I fel good as weight is back on and normality has returned. I count my blessings as I know I have had it easy compared to others. That said, I'm reminded that something went on in my throat as I still have periodic changes in my mouth chemistary (radiation side effect on producing saliver), and swallowing some foods isn't as easy as it was pre-SSC as the structure of my throat feels narrower or al least changed. But I am extrememly thankful for the devotion, attention and care I recieved at Lifehouse to realise this outcome. 

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