I believe I have been in shock overdrive since December 2011 when my husband was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer.After all the tests including a PET scan to see if he could be operated on showed his cancer had spread to other parts of his body and inoperable he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer.He had palliative radiation treatment to shrink the brain tumor and is on oral chemo palliative treatment for his lung cancer. In February this year my eldest daughter who lives interstate rang with the news she has breast cancer..two operations and radiation treatment later she is finding herself getting depressed. I know she has a loving husband and children but I feel guilty I am not with her in her hour of need. I have suggested she get in contact with the Cancer Council so hope she does. As a carer I need to be with my husband right now but that doesn't stop me from feeling pulled apart as a wife and as a mother. Just wanted to share how hard it is for me right now. Gentle blessings to you all who are doing it tough.
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