My husband told me to get the 22 and shoot the eagle flying overhead because it would help me make the fruit salad that much easier! It is so hard to listen to these conversations. My whole family is on the other side of Australia at a family wedding and I am here alone again with my rapidly deteriorating husband. This is really hard - I know not as hard as he is having it but it really hurts to see such a strong man needing me to shower him and assist in his bodily functions. Just needed to get it off my mind.
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hugsss vera ... it must be very hard when you dont have much support. Hope the cyber hugs help a little bit. Julie xo
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Dear Vera, just thinking of you. Sending you strength and courage. xxxxx
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Hugs from me too,my mum wanted to pay bills with strawberries instead of cheques. It is just as hard for you as for him, do not minimise what you are doing for him, and I am sure he is happy to have you by his side. xoxo S
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Me too, my husband don't normally want me to dry his body after his shower. Friend said it is the man-issue, it shows their weakness. But these days, when he is weak, he asks me to. That shows the loving part, he knows deep in his heart that I care and I am there when he needs me. That's important!
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