GAME CONTINUES I passed level 1, It's been 5 weeks after my hysterectomy. My physical recovery's been developing regularly , mentally well I don't know, feel kind of numbness.... everything looks different, sounds different..... I'm entering the trial for a new way of treatment of this particular cancer, treatment should start end of this month.
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Hi VLASTA, Glad that you are recovering physically from your op. Just read your earlier posting and although I had colorectal cancer, I had combined chemo and radio 10 years ago and am still going strong. So, hopefully you will have a similar outcome, hope so anyway. Yes, the chemo dosage is lower when combined with radio, but that is because most people probably woudn't cope physically with strong dosages of chemo with radio. If this type of treatment works as well for endometrial cancer as it seems to work for colorectal cancer then it will be the way of the future for certain levels of this cancer. Glad that you have gone into the trial, you can be rest assured that you will get the best medical attention and will be no worse off than not having it, hopefully much bette off. Good luck and keep us informed as to how you are going. craftyone
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Hi craftyone, thank you so much for your helping and encouraging words. It was really difficult decision for me to make to go to trial or not but I'd be better of with chemo too only all the side effects scared me the same way as the news about having cancer. Now I'm waiting for their decision am I going to have the chemo after all. I'm glad you still feel good even years after and I hope that it will stay that way too. Wish you good luck too. vlasta
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