my boyfriend is recovering from major bowel surgeory right now its day 4 but he's still in extreame pain and was sick today which made it worse 😞 has anyone had any experience with bowel surg and how long did it take to recover? he had a bit of his bowel cut out where the tumor was and now has a bag.. it devestates me to see him like that.. 😞 he still has to have his liver and lung spots cut out.. he has one spot on the liver and two on the lung.. it seems that these operations might be done together and it will be something called 'microwave burning'.. i just want him home and better with me! 😞 i come home and cry everynight but im strong in front of him... the worrying never stops! 😞
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My heart goes out to you.I am just beginning another journey of the carer for my wonderful man just diagnosed withe advanced bowel Cancer.I cared for my last husband with terminal cancer.We carers have such a hard road of feeling alone..but we are not.Feel free to find me on line for a chat maddie86.
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Firstly, Maddie, I am sorry you are having to watch your boyfriend go through this. He is in very good hands sweetheart and the doctors will be doing all they can to ensure he recovers well and without pain. My husband had his last major bowel surgery Christmas 2008 and they rushed to discharge him the day before Christmas. Nevertheless, he ended up back in hospital when we went away on holidays. Four days is still early. I think about a week is normal for hospitalisation. All the best. Try and get some sleep knowing he is in good hands. You need to take care of yourself so you can be there for him. Regards, Krista.
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thanks guys 🙂 he is much better now although he says it feels like his guts are moving around everywhere and he has some pain... its tiring having to go through this all! i come home at the end of the day from hospital and my mum gives me crap, and im so tired of it all! on the bright side of things the tumor they cut out wasnt cancerous anymore so the radiotherapy worked 🙂
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That is great news. I hope it has managed to ease your stress just a little. I'm sorry that your Mum isn't being sympathetic. That must be really hard on you.
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