🙂 🙂 JOSH'S TUMORS HAVE RESPONDED TO CHEMO!!!!! 🙂 :) WOW!!! Finally some great new for Josh. Today he had an examination under anasthetic (EUA). The opthamologist came out with a beaming smile, and said, finally, after such a long time, Josh's tumors in the gel sac of his eye, are 50% smaller than his last examination, which means, his chemo courses are working. Thank God!!!!! :) We have 1 more day of chemo tomorrow, then in 3 weeks, another 3 days of chemo, then during the 3rd week of chemo, Josh has another EUA. Dr Donaldson (Josh's opthamologist) is suggesting they inject Carboplatin (Josh's Chemo drug he is "unfortunately" allergic to) locally into his affected eye. Hopefully, this works, as it has only been administered in America, and Josh will be the first candidate for the treatment in Australia. Today is the first day, in about 1 year and a half, that we have had some good news as to how Josh's cancer is responding to treatment. We are one lucky family!!! Love from The Johansen Family xxx
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