Today was the first day of Josh's 3rd cycle of chemo. Today we found out that he has an allergic reaction to Carboplatin. It gives him a severe cough, which can lead to swelling of the throat and difficulty breathing. Josh also gets welts on his body from Carboplatin. Its really sad: We have to see Josh get so sick, to make him get better. Tomorrow we have an E.U.A, and unfortunately, we were told today, there is a new family joining the hospital, and the child is only 12 weeks old. Im really proud of mum, you know, she always welcomes new families in the kindest possible way, and she is always there to support them when they need it. I know, being a sibling of someone who has Cancer, its really strange, everything that once mattered, seems so trivial now. I know, in a way, i have matured a whole lot more, being 19 is rough as it is, but im not the type to turn a blind eye on my family when the going gets tough. I don't know how mum does it. She see's her only son, going through all of this, and she still has the strength to put a smile on her face. She is definitely someone whom i admire, not only for her kindness, but also, the strength and courage that lady has, and she holds the family together. Thankyou Mum... Love from The Johansen Family xxx
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