We are continuing to grow our community and developing new and better features. For the statistics lovers, we have now reached 730 members. We are now present in almost all Australian cities, with Darwin and Hobart beginning to have a more active presence. If you know someone that could benefit from being part of our community, please remember you can use our 'Invite a friend' box on the right side of the site, or if you want to invite several people at the same time, you can do it using the invite page. We have also had over 28,000 page views and our members are spending 7 minutes on average every time they visit the site. From a technology perspective we are working on the groups functionality as well as the live chatrooms. We are going to have our first live chat event on June 11th so stay tuned for more details. You will be able to subscribe to events soon via the new events tab. As usual, if you have any question or suggestion contact us at any time using the contact form or visiting my profile to send me a private message. Best wishes for the rest of the week
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