Today we ventured to Luna Park!! I tell you what, it was a really really good day. I had an awesome day because Josh had the biggest smile on his face for the whole day. Josh's fav part about today was, the giant slide in the coney island funny land. He was screaming, literally, SCREAMING with joy!! it was so funny!! he kept putting his arms up in the air and yelling out to mum saying WOOO HOOOO HEY MUM LOOK!!! mum said he had the biggest smile on his face that she had ever seen!!. The fact that josh was soooo happy, made it one of the best days we have had as a family in a very long time... He also liked those tricky mirrors, the ones that make you look short or tall. Ah... it was an excellent day indeed. Just thought id share that with you all, because its always good to hear that someone is smiling Love from The Johansen Family xx
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