When I was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2002 I didn't want to know anything about it. I didn't want to read about, research it, anything. One of the nurses told me I had my head in the sand. It's been 7 years - nearly 8 and last year was the first time I did research. I joined an online support group. I found out things that scared me, worried me. But you know what? I took it in my stride. For some of us, coping with the diagnosis of cancer is enough. Maybe not everyone is a scaredy cat like me. Some of us cope differently. I didn't want to know anything. Why know the bad stuff when you don't have to? Then last year I also found out good stuff. I read about a girl with my leukaemia who has been in remission over twenty years. That gave me hope. I researched my treatment options for if it did come back. And you know what, instead of scaring me, it prepared me...and in the process, I've actually stopped worrying about what will happen if it comes back.
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