My wife's problems started 18 months ago with a diagnosis of diabetes and pancreatitis. Her condition never improved and a tumor was discovered virtually by accident in her bowel which was removed. Her condition declined over xmas and a temporary stent was placed in her bile duct. She continued to lose weight and was in constant pain for another ten months. High temps sent her to hospital once more and a permanent bile stent positioned. It was at this time the surgeon discovered a second primary in the pancreas that had been missed.. This meant the chemo for the bowel cancer (which knocked her around) had no effect on the pancreas so this was quietly expanding. She is now on pancreatic cancer chemo but I feel it will be too little too late but we always live in hope. In hind-site all the signs were there but overlooked. Sometimes we get quite angry but realise the complexities of the situation. As a family member it feels like being caught in a tidal rip.. just when you think you are free of the undertow, you are suddenly pulled back down again. No one will ever know the range of emotions until they walk in our shoes. Having said that our real friends have come to the fore and are real pillars of support. I have just joined this site because help is so hard to track down. What we will get out of it.. I'm not sure, but it appears there are so many others out there with similar experiences.. I guess in a way we are extended family. Take care
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