I feel so helpless and anxious with how Daz is right now. He is in so much pain with his headaches and the pain meds are making him sick and aren't really doing much for the pain. He has been in hospital because of his headaches and when he came home he felt a whole lot better but it only lasted half a day, now he is worse than he was before. He is staying with me at the moment because his parents aren't taking his pain seriously. They just leave him in his room and don't check on him so he has to find them if he needs anything, not what he needs at all. I don't think they are to happy with me taking over his care but he needs more than been left alone all day. Any way blaming isn't helping anyone so that's all I have to say right now.
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Oh Gee Gee I'm so sorry to hear that Daz is still not doing to well. Are the headaches related to his cancer or his radiation treatment ? Do they know why he is getting them ?
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Hi Jodii, no they still don't know why he is getting headaches. He is back in hospital again, I took him in yesterday and things are just getting worse and worse. When we were still in the emergency ward he became very confused and aggressive and it ended up with 4 security guards holding him down while they jabbed him with needles to sedate him. They said it took a lot to settle him down. He was asleep when they allowed me to go back into him. When I went to see him today he was still very angry and confused but a lot better than yesterday thank goodness. They are waiting on results of tests to see if they can find out why he was like that. They still don't think it's his cancer giving him the headaches or mood swings so who knows what is going on.
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