Finally met the oncologist and got the news. It is a P something cancer in the tonsils. Treatment will be 7 weeks radiology ( 5 per week ) and chemo on day one of week one , four and seven. A tube will be inserted into my stomach as I will not accept a temporary one in the nose. It will be seven weeks of hell but I need to be positive , certainly more positive than I am now. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I am this positive now and treatment has not even started then how will I cope with treatment. I need to pull my socks up and message has been received loud and clear. I need to focus on staying strong and getting well. Treatment will start in 4 weeks. In the meantime I am meeting the dentist/dietician and psychologist. Now I must eat more and start exercising and stay positive. Focus, focus, focus. The headache was diagnosed as a tension headache .
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