Yesterday afternoon and night were particularly bad. I succumbed to a massive headache and shortness of breath. My wife sensed that I am " submitting " and exhorted me to " fight. " I reminded her of her " pledge " to not make me suffer unnecessarily. She reminded me of my responsibility to her and our two young daughters. We agreed to focus on her getting her driver's licence asap as I starting to struggle to drive and almost had an accident this morning.
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Hi Paul it is great that you are able to talk to your partner about things. The treatment you are going through is tough!! Doable but tough, so don't underestimate it. It can impact on mental health aswell as physical. I hated my treatment but don't regret it choosing to undergo it. 5 years on now . Hang in there and get help if you need it. All the best to your partner for getting her licence. Julie
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Thanks Jules. I have not had a massive headache since this one. I am using a combination of deep breathing . meditation , recognition of triggers and even yes massage. I had my first " stiff neck " massage last week and I am now a convert. My son quipped that I am now using Zen.
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Paul With my first cancer I used those techniques and found them really helpful. With my 2nd cancer I kind of knew what I was going through - even though that wasn't going to stop me having to go through the process of it all. Zen away if it helps!! Julie
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