I can hardly believe its been 8 months since I last wrote a post. All that time Mum has been slowly but surely going downhill. Eating less, sleeping more but still being herself and interested in all her usual things. Even a few weeks ago, after a painful and challenging ultrasound her response was "Right lets get to a coffee shop pronto." I haven't sat with her in a coffee shop since and I think that was the last time. The changes have been more and more rapid since then. The ascites has worsened and her legs are swollen with retained fluid. On Friday I noticed she is looking jaundiced but most significantly she has stopped responding normally, sleeps most of the day and has lost interest in almost everything. Today she couldn't remember what day it was or a conversation I had with her yesterday. The Palliative Care team have been gently suggesting she needs to go into hospital, as that is her end-of-life plan but she isn't taking the hint. Other siblings in QLD want her to move to our house which we are happy for but I wonder if she has already passed the point where that is practical. I am so concerned about her as she lives alone. I don't think she realises how sick she is now. I wonder if we are closer to the end than any of us realise. And I am torn between the care my kids (aged 6 and 😎 need and what Mum needs. I know there isn't an easy answer. This is hard and you can't change that. But I am wondering if others who have walked this road or are on it now can offer any thoughts/perspective?
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