Did you investigate the latest Brecon book of the front page? The heading to my blog is How do we Find the strength within as this pointed out how difficult cancer is as someone was saying. If someone out with advanced info can answer this it would be great. There is another one called "Responding rather than reacting to life's challenge's". How????? The way I see this is that you wouldn't mind having a falsie after a mastectomy. I am confused with it so please help me. We as all of us would help each other with this one as surviving cancer is not easy. This is on my mind as I would like to have help with it please. I don't like the add on TV where it says that if you could have a mammogram it can be caught early and it could save your life. Life after cancer is emotional and hard. Then I wouldn't mind adding this to the blog. There is emotions and rules in support groups so ask about them if you feel the need. Glenys. xxxx
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