HI Everyone Well back on the GBM ride Geoff's tumor has grown and had second OP on 4 Jul 12 Was dx on the 13 Aug 2010 and radio/chemo all done by 15 Nov 2010 was on trile for Cilengertide till 4 Jul 2012 as tumor had grown and now has Carboplatin every 3 weeks have no idea what is to come he is confind to bed and can't walk unaided and can't talk so hard to know what he want's and if I am doing the right thing Anne-marie
Hi Anne-marie my husband Stuart was dx Sept 2010, doesn't that seem like a life time ago? We are on the last leg of his journey with progression of inoperable tumour, no more treatment now. We are both at peace with that but it is still so tough. Look after yourself, you will both be in my prayers. xox Terese.
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I too had lots of treatment but now my body has stop responding to the treatments. Tumor has been growing day by day. I might be at last stage of my life. funny horse tee shirts
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