well we were up at 5.45am to get started for the trip to Murdoch the freeway we can pick up 20 k from our house..but because I am not into city driving anymore we cross country to Rockingham leave my car there and go up in my friends car so first part of our trip is about 80ktoday is the first time that I was allowed to go home all other chemo/avastin I have had to stay in hospital overnight...add all this to the fact my hubby is 82 and getting early dementia..so he cant drive to city and last time I left him home alone he had panic attacks..so he stays at my friends....so this has made me think of the future..so looking into getting a retirement unit in Mandurah where all our friends are..I dont have much family support..as I have always been independent..and my children leave me too it..my only daughter lives in Mandurah and comes to chemo's sometimes but she is a BP manager and very busy but you have to face facts..I need to be near my friends they are all our age and have all helped us whenever they can..so that is my priority from now on..as my remission cout be nothing--after scan oe 3 mnts or 12 month plus there is no set times with ovca....I am on my 5th unit for a degree in Australian studies with oua online uni...It is my Rock..keeps me very busy..and keeps the grey cells whirring around..I think we all have our stories to tell..The Avastin was giving me extra time..I can still have it at $2000 a treatment..but we do not have that sort of money..so we have just crossed that bridge..and on with the fight. I haven't met any of you yet so hope this gives you a picture of our life and I will be reading your blogs to look at yours. Love and peace to you all, Maureen from Perth.
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